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Once On This Island

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One stormy night, thunder booms, making a small girl cry in fear. To comfort her, the villagers tell her the story of Ti Moune, a peasant girl who falls in love with a grand homme, Daniel Beauxhomme. A story of life, pain, love, grief, faith, and hope.

In this story, four gods (Asaka, Mother of the Earth; Agwé, god of Water; Erzulie, goddess of Love; and Papa Ge, Demon of Death) rule an island where the rich and poor live on opposite sides of the island.

Agwe unleashes a terrible storm upon the island, which in turn causes a disastrous flood, wiping out many villages. The gods save the life of little Ti Moune, an orphan, by placing her in a tree, above the flood's waves. She is found and subsequently adopted by the peasants.

Ti Moune falls in love with a rich stranger and, as she cares for the unconscious boy, imagines he loves her too.

The storytellers share their message of retelling the story of how a peasant girl proved the power of love to bring together the people of the island. It helps us to remember, to forgive - and out of what we live and we believe, our lives become the stories that we weave.

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