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Joe Pera Comedy In Ice

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Joe Pera is a standup comedian, writer and filmmaker from Buffalo, NY. Joe is best known for his current Adult Swim series, Joe Pera Talks With You, which The LA Times refers to as "TV’s quietest, most artful comedy". He has performed his subdued standup on Conan, Late Night with Seth Meyers and Comedy Central. After his animated special Joe Pera Talks You To Sleep (which many have found to work), he followed up with other projects for Adult Swim including Joe Pera Helps You Find the Perfect Christmas Tree and Relaxing Old Footage with Joe Pera. Through his production company, Chestnut Walnut, Joe has also directed a number of film and tv projects including Conner O'Malley's Truthhunters pilot for Comedy Central. Joe’s new book A Bathroom Book for People Not Pooping Or Peeing But Using the Bathroom as an Escape is out now from Macmillan publishing, and on the USA TODAY best seller list. Season 3 of Joe Pera Talks With You is now available to stream on HBO Max, and Joe can also be seen appearing on season 5 of Search Party which just premiered on the platform.

“Something about Pera's awkward, mumbly persona strikes the perfect chord between Grampa Simpson and Fred Rogers — lovable and ridiculous, with a tendency to ramble but in no uncertain terms a good person." —NPR

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