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Hayden Childress Mentalist and Magician

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You've never seen a magician like Hayden!

Hayden is an award-winning entertainer who has performed for organizations nationwide such as Lowe's and Bank of America, and has been gaining popularity for his original and fast-paced show.

Hayden also recently completed a TED talk on interactive performance.

Hayden’s show is a fun, thought provoking performance which involves the audience directly with each routine. A few of the original routines include modern magic using borrowed audience member’s smartphones, demonstrations of mentalism (psychological magic), and surprising, unpredictable close-up magic projected on stage.

“Hayden provides a fun, entertaining show that holds your attention throughout the entire evening. The variety of his performance and the skill to which it was executed was captivating and attested to his prowess as a magician and performer.” – World Magic Review UK, 2017

You’ve seen rabbits pulled out of hats… now see hats pulled out of rabbits!

More information at https://haydenismagic.com/

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Parental Advisory: Recommended ages 13 and older