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It's All Fun and Games. Until Someone Gets Elected!

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Since 1996 the Mostlies have celebrated each Presidential Election with a special presentation of all things political on the Sunday prior to Election Day.

The 1996 show was titled “Sex, Drugs, and Ross Perot!”  
2000 – “If God Had Wanted Us To Vote, He Would Have Given Us Candidates!”  
2004 – “If God Had Wanted Us to Vote, He Would Have Given Us Better Boobs!”  
2008 – “Obama Mia! And The McCain Mutiny”  
– “Deja Poo, That feeling that we’ve heard all this crap before!”  

So, with everything going on this election season you can see why this year it’s titled “It’s All Fun and Games, Until Someone Gets Elected!” Come enjoy.

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Parental Advisory: PG-13