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FoCo Speaks Out!

This performance has passed. Please see some of our upcoming shows below.

FoCo Speaks Out! promotes vital conversations around local issues of social justice to deliberately build a community where every person is treated with dignity and respect.
FoCo Speaks Out! provides a platform for stories that paint experiences of local inequities and inequalities while inspiring hope. Passionate presentations are woven with performances by local artists that inspire the call for diversity, equity, and inclusion. Every attendee is offered a multifaceted approach to be part of the solution. The blend of presentations, music, art, and performance galvanizes the community into taking local action towards a better world.
Speaker presentations by: Herman Chavez, Ria B. Vigil, Ray Black, Deirdre Sullivan & Mitch Majeski.

Ticketing Information (tiered pricing for all seats):
Tickets are priced at $5, $15, $25 and $50 - patron's choice. Select the seat that you would like, then once the tickets are in your shopping cart, select the price that you would like to pay.  

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