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Fangalangus Island

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Can you say "Fangalangus Island?"
Fang guh lang us - Translation - a magical adventure featuring dance, theatre and creativity.

Fangalangus Island is an original dance theatre production that stresses the importance of creativity to a child's sense of self-worth. Fangalangus Island is home to several interesting characters including Queen Eugenia, the Quitaberry Fairies, the hair loving Trolicks, Treeman- an eleven-foot talking tree and his brother Shrumann- a short talking mushroom. When a man named Jake arrives at the island, he finds himself attempting to defeat the "imagination crushing" gray fog that threatens to destroy the island. Working together Jake and the island's inhabitants must discover the three keys that will release pure imagination into the atmosphere, thereby saving Fangalangus.

Running Time: 75 minutes, including one 15-minute intermission

Categories: Dance , Family Friendly , All Shows , Outside Presenter