Jan 20 - Mar 4, 2023

Pianos About Town is a collaborative project between the City of Fort Collins Art in Public Places Program, Bohemian Foundation, and the Downtown Development Authority. The 2023 season begins in May and marks the 13th year for the program, 158 murals have been painted.

Pianos About Town combines art and music for the enjoyment of the community. Each summer, a new piano is painted every two weeks allowing the public to interact with artists as they work. The completed pianos rotate to locations throughout Fort Collins, inviting people to admire the artwork and play a tune.
When the pianos are no longer playable, they are disassembled and what isn’t recyclable is offered to artists to create new projects. When the pianos are prepared for painting, plywood panels are added to the back to give the artists a flat surface to paint. A selection of painted plywood panels from past piano murals are featured in this exhibit. They are from:

Above from left to right
Anne Thouthip, Red Poppies, 2016
Amanda Acheson, Bikes About Town, 2015 
Michael Ryan, Edges of the Day, 2012
Jenna Allen, Sugar Beets, 2014
Elisa Gomez, Wonderland, 2019

For more information about the program visit, and @focoart on Instagram.

We are accepting applications for artists to paint pianos in 2023. The deadline is February 28. Learn more at