Awards Reception, July 20, 5-7 p.m.

One of the premier contemporary quilt exhibits in the country, this international exhibit showcases the best work of artists who are pushing the limits of the medium, working with new techniques and materials and creating breath-taking and beautiful art. Shown here: Naraja Lorenz--Strange Attractor #20 (detail).

A full color catalog is available for purchase for $17, including tax.


Margaret Abramshe, Jana
Honorable Mention

Jana by Margaret Abramshe
Julia E. Pfaff, Kantha III
Honorable Mention

Kantha III by Julia E. Pfaff
Naomi Velasquez Bends
$500 Award for Creative Innovation, sponsored
ArtWear Fashion Week
Bends by Naomi Velasquez
Niraja Lorenz Strange Attractor #20
$500 Award for Creative Artistry, sponsored
 ArtWear Fashion Week
Strange Attractor #20 by Niraja Lorenz
Melody Money Dreams of Falling Water
$1000 Grand Prize Award, sponsored by
a generous anonymous donor

Dreams of Falling Water by Melody Money

Included Artists:

Margaret Abramshe--St. George, UT

Pamela Allen--Kingston, Ontario, Canada

Linda Anderson--La Mesa, CA


Pat Bishop--Shawano, WI

Pat Budge--Garden Valley, ID

Betty Busby--Albuquerque, NM

Helen Geglio--South Bend, IN

Laura Gibb--Denver, CO

Linda Henke--Westfield, IN

Jean Herman--Denver, CO

Leah Higgins--Eccles, Manchester, UK

Rosemary Hoffenberg--Wrentham, MA

pat kroth--Verona, WI

Denise Labadie--Lafayette, CO

Niraja Lorenz--Eugene, OR

Valerie Maser-Flanagan--Carlisle, MA

Susan Michael--Tulsa, OK

Anette Millington--Beacon, NY

Melody Money--Boulder, CO

Bob Mosier--Conroe, TX


Julia Pfaff--Richmond , VA


Denise Roberts--Albright, WV

Maria Shell--Anchorage, AK

Andrew Steinbrecher--Cincinnati, OH

Elena Stokes--Clinton, NJ

Naomi Velasquez--Pocatello, ID

Marianne Williamson--Miami, FL

Hope Wilmarth--Spring, TX