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Elephant Revival

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Elephant Revival is a unique collection of multi-instrumentalists blending elements of gypsy, Celtic, Americana, and folk. Brought together by a unified sense of purpose, Elephant Revival communicates the importance of harmony among all living things and uses music to unite us in ways that no other medium can.

The Indie Acoustic Music Project simply labeled their sound “progressive edge.” At least, that’s the category in which it placed the band when it gave their Ruff Shod/Nettwerk Records release, BREAK IN THE CLOUDS, a best CD of 2011 award.

Elephant Revival’s is the music of connection—kin-folk—and the message of Petals, their most intimate album to date, is not how life is about loss, but rather how much life there is in loss, how much potency, how much love. 

“If [Elephant Revival] doesn’t make you smile, something is wrong with you.” – New York Times

“The band has a particular talent for arrangements, their songs marbled with changes of pace and mood, their instruments and vocal harmonies orchestrated in poignant interludes.” – The Guardian UK

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