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Cie Hervé Koubi

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Recognized as one of Europe's most distinctive choreographers, Hervé Koubi will make his Fort Collins debut with a highly physical, stunningly fluid work for an all male troupe of dancers from North Africa and the Mediterranean basin. This gravity-defying, jaw-dropping style combines capoeira, martial arts, acrobatics, riurban and contemporary dance with powerful imagery evocative of Orientalist paintings and the stone filigree of Islamic architecture.

“Caught between Algeria and France, in Dance...The thirteen men in the Compagnie Hervé Koubi...spin on one arm, then switch to the other. They dive horizontally and flip over in midair, like a pancake being flipped on a griddle, or up and up, drawing a steep and elegant arc…Each time it happens, you feel like you’re falling too. The movement is not only exciting but beautiful. The men look like figures in an etching by William Blake, like falling angels or Icarus after flapping his wings too close to the sun.” —The New Yorker

“A stunning jaw dropping fusion of acrobatics, gymnastics, b-boying, modern dance, and ballet...Traditional Sufi music, atmospheric fog and lighting create an ancient desert ritual." —The Washington Post

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