Art Gallery

  • 20-50 guests
  • Dynamic Lighting
  • Free Wifi
  • Concierge Support
The Lincoln Center’s Art Gallery is a visual gem in Northern Colorado, and the main exhibit gallery. It hosts approximately nine to twelve events annually, which provide a beautiful backdrop for events. Fine art exhibitions can create an exciting and provocative setting for a special event. The Art Gallery is a unique space for intimate receptions, small gatherings or cocktail parties.

Because the care and preservation of the art is our first consideration, food and beverage is generally not permitted in the gallery. Other areas in the building may provide an alternative space for food, beverages and additional space for people to gather.

Exhibits change on a regular basis and the particular installation will determine the number of people the gallery will hold at any given time. This space is available on a limited basis in accordance with gallery exhibits and performance schedules.

Complimentary Equipment

  • Tables
  • Wifi
  • A/V Cart
  • Coat Racks
  • Easels
  • Flag (US & CO)
  • Podium or Lectern
  • Stage (6’x8’x12)
  • Projection Screen
  • In-Room Sound Sys.


  • Rates vary and are subject to venue approval.


  • Capacity depends exhibit.