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A Knight with Richard Lyons Weil

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Richard Lyons Weil, a 2020 candidate for President of the United States, and Fort Collins resident, will make his first public appearance since filing with the Federal Election Commission in August, 2018. When he headed to Nashville in 2004 to pursue a career in singing and songwriting little did he know…

Being the consummate trial lawyer that he is, please join Mr. Weil as he makes his  ”Opening Argument”, and premieres his award winning film “Why I Am Running for President in 2020 – A Documentary by Richard Lyons Weil, originally titled Love Letters: A Legacy of Torment and Addiction.

As a young child, Mr. Weil had the privilege of finding a scrapbook that his grandfather, Joseph H. Weil had made. The scrapbook contained the letters his father, Roswell Joseph Weil, had written to his parents while he was in the Army in Europe during World War II. The day he left his parents on the curb in New York City, outside the Taft Hotel, he vowed to write home on a daily basis. From[RLW1]  June, 1942 until his arrival back in New Orleans in December, 1945, he did just that. It is an amazing compilation of letters written by a brilliant man.

These letters inspired the documentary which chronicles the history of the letters, the meeting and marriage of his wife while stationed in Europe, and the challenges his father faced upon his return from World War II. His father and the letters are the reason why Mr. Weil is running for President to Reboot America – 9028.

Mr. Weil will also be releasing the RLW Presidential Collection of Orations and Songs consisting of 8 cds and 1 dvd.  Mr. Weil’s orations will change the nation as the songs in spire us all. The works of Mr. Weil may be viewed at weilforpresident.com and richardlyonsweil.com.

Mr. Weil is also the author of the Pocketbook of Politics – My Plan to Reboot America which forms the basis of his campaign. The book was released the day Mr. Weil qualified for the New Hampshire Presidential Primary held in 2016. During the course of the evening the book will be discussed and is available for free download at www.weilforpresident.com. You are encouraged to have it available during the performance.

We look forward to your company at this historic evening in Fort Collins and thank you for your support.


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